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Guest Access for Mobile App
Mar 2024, Team Travaa
A quick and easy way to share your itinerary with others on their mobile devices, via the Travaa mobile app.
Shift to Paid Plans
May 2023, Team Travaa
Travel is back on, all around the world! Travaa has shifted to paid plans.
New Updates, Sep 2019
Sep 2019, Team Travaa
Find out more about the latest updates (Sep 2019) to the Travaa Planner website. Updated routing, view weather, lock timings and get tickets the easy way. Happy Travels!
Sevilla, Andalusia, Spice of the South
Seville, Spain
Jun 2019, Chris Wong
On the South side of Spain, we experience the intense fusion of Mediterranean Europe and Moorish culture. Travel to Sevilla and feel these epic places for yourself.
New Updates, May 2019
May 2019, Team Travaa
Find out more about the new updates (May 2019) to the Travaa Planner website. A cleaner look, new continuous auto-save and cool multi-user collaboration. Enjoy!
Only One Night in Tokyo? Visit the Red Light District
Tokyo, Japan
Mar 2019, Chris Wong
Looking to have a most amazing time in this super charged metropolis? If you have only one night in Tokyo, bring on the bright lights, power up the taiko drums and yell .. Banzai!
How to Plan a Travel Itinerary with Travaa
Mar 2019, Team Travaa
Looking to create your own travel itinerary? Planning an action packed trip is really easy with the Travaa tool. Its planner website and app viewer combo will help you keep things organized and optimized in no time. Easy as cake.
Deciding Where to Go; No, the World Is Not Getting Smaller
Oct 2018, Team Travaa
Hi, is planning a trip still taking up too much time? Looking to get the best a destination has to offer? In this post, we talk about a couple of new features which will point your trip towards .. epic.
Where are You From?
Oct 2018, Silvia Race
In today's globalized world, have you ever found yourself wondering where you come from?
LA Hallucinations
Los Angeles, United States
Oct 2018, Silvia Race
Been looking forward most of my young life to visiting the mecca of music and movies. Touchdown, and out on to the streets of LA. Why so many homeless, asking for money? Where is the magic? Am I not feeling that soul ..
Wanna Go for a Ride?
Toronto, Canada
Oct 2018, Silvia Race
Ever find yourself in a new city and bored? Bright lights, elegant buildings and Toronto party nights, even clubbing and DJ's can get predictable. Maybe, it is time to step outside your comfort zone.
The Visitors
Los Angeles, United States
Oct 2018, Silvia Race
What is art to you? Do you identify yourself with a Michelangelo or Donatello? Let travel and wonder open your eyes and ears, like it has for me.
Yellow in Lisbon
Lisbon, Portugal
Sep 2018, Chris Wong
Lisbon Portugal is such an unassuming place. Let its mosaic covered old streets, workhorse trams and bright splashes of colour everywhere charm you.
A Day in Naples: Pizza, Mafia and the Search for Blood
Napoli, Italy
Aug 2018, Chris Wong
On a hot summer's day, we got off the train at Naples, Italy, home tuff to one of the world's oldest and most brutal organised crime syndicates. We had a serious craving for pizza and went looking for blood.
Bangkok, Temples and Beautiful Women
Bangkok, Thailand
Aug 2018, Chris Wong
There are some amazingly gorgeous temples in Bangkok. There are other beauties there too. We were there a few years ago at this bustling capital of Thailand. If you been following the movies, you will know that not everything is what it seems. Let us get acquainted.
Venice is Sinking, Getting Around by Boat
Venice, Italy
Aug 2018, Chris Wong
Follow us as we explore the ways to get about this water city which has barely any roads or cars. The buses, taxis and luxury limousines of this sinking provincial capital have no wheels.
Talking to Strangers
Roma, Italia
Aug 2018, Silvia Race
From Bologna, to Rome, then Milan and Prague. Between the busy days of work travel, late night outings and an upcoming holiday, a tired Silvia is caught completely off guard as a stranger walks up to her.
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Aug 2018, Silvia Race
An Italian nineteen year old goes on a crazy misadventure of getting across the Mediterranean Sea to the Greek island of Corfu; only to have her whole crew face impossible odds.
Move, Move! The Rain is Coming
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Jul 2018, Chris Wong
In the wilderness, at over a thousand metres (3,700 feet) above sea level. Heavy rain is coming, and we were hikers on a trail deep into Fiordland National Park, New Zealand. Mother nature is expansively beautiful. She is pissed and she is not waiting for anyone.
Prada, Fashion, and the Siena Cathedral
Siena, Italy
Jul 2018, Chris Wong
Italy, renown for high fashion and immense historic beauty, holds many lesser known treasures waiting to be rediscovered. Follow us as we spend a day between a mega outlet of the top fashion brand and the glistening ceilings of a medieval cathedral fuelling up on some artistic inspiration.
The Catalonian Guy Who Got Knocked Down by a Tram
Barcelona, Spain
Jul 2018, Chris Wong
To visit Spain, and see Barcelona is to know the region's most famous architect who began his career, designing street lamps.
Night Full of Stars
Jul 2018, Silvia Race
Getting into places and situations which seem unreal, on hindsight? Join Silvia in this place of slightly random beauty in the hills of Bulgaria, where there is just her, and only ten other people.
Imagine Human Beings
Berlino, Germania
Jul 2018, Silvia Race
A short story of solo travel. Having a different perspective and meeting people in Berlin.
A magical encounter
Jul 2018, Silvia Race
Looking for adventure in the wild fjords of Finland, she takes chances, experiences mild hallucination and encounters the unexpected.
Talking to the Moon
Jul 2018, Silvia Race
Travel from Italy to Tokyo, straight fifteen hour flights, riding buses and trains. Musings of her journey to the East.
Kyoto, Epic Traditional Japan
Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Jun 2018, Chris Wong
Kyoto, the epicentre of Japan's unique traditions and culture. Once its capital city, it is now Japan's spiritual centre. Follow me as walk the streets of elusive Geisha who live here, visiting beautiful temples, shrines and an imperial villa.
Mountain of The Monkeys
Kyoto, Japan
May 2018, Chris Wong
In the western area of historic Kyoto, Japan, lies a place of scenic beauty popular with visitors from near and far. Stroll into a bamboo forest, feed wild monkeys and ride a river.
Gem of the Persian Gulf
May 2018, Silvia Race
I’m lucky enough be a well traveled person for my age, I’ve seen many places but Qatar stays one of the most beautiful I’ve seen. Let me tell you why ..
10 Tips When Traveling Alone
Apr 2018, Silvia Race
Feeling like going solo? Traveling alone is one of the craziest and greatest experience you will ever get. It really awakes something in you. It gives you a certain perspective; that is impossible to get any other way.
Giant Buddha and Wild Deer in Nara
Nara Prefecture, Japan
Apr 2018, Chris Wong
Unlike some other historic sites in Japan which can be found at the fringes of modern city landscapes, there is a very special "lost in centuries past" feeling which sorts of engulfs you moments after stepping into Nara park and its surroundings.
Your Travel is in Your Hands .. Literally
Mar 2018, Team Travaa
Plan your trip and have it in the palm of your hand. Here's a travel itinerary app that's going to give you some relief. Have a less stressful experience; and definitely a richer one!
How I Got Around in Japan
Mar 2018, Chris Wong
Japan has some of the busiest airports and train stations in the world. Here are plenty of details on how I got around in December 2017. A mini-guide of sorts on using the airports, trains and busses of hyper-modern Japan. Hope it helps you navigate this strange and exciting part of the world.
6 Million People in an Island Cultural Melting Pot
Feb 2018, Team Travaa
Small as it is Singapore has an amazing lot to offer and things to do. This little tropical island boasts a harmony of sight, sounds and smells certain to intrigue even the most seasoned travellers.
Quiz: Where in the World?
Feb 2018, Chris Wong
Interested in a quick photo quiz about interesting places in the world? Guess which country has got these quirky ten?
Mysteries of Lake Atitlan
Sololá Department, Guatemala
Jan 2018, Team Travaa
Guatemala is Central America's most diverse country. Its southwestern highlands area is home to a massive volcanic lake called Atitlan. Surrounded by Mayan villages and small angular volcanoes, therein many stories to be told.
We Completed YC's Startup School!
Dec 2017, Team Travaa
Travaa successfully completed a massive open online course (MOOC) with Y Combinator called "Startup School".
Dec 2017, Team Travaa
Hello. Our very first blog post, yay! Who we are. Why the world needs an easier way to plan a trip and share the best of travel.