Guest Access for Mobile App

Guest Access for Mobile App

Team Travaa  
12th March 2024  

Good day fellow travellers, hope your 2024 has been off to jet-setting great start! We've been busy improving Travaa over the past months. One of the newer features is Guest Access for the Travaa mobile app.

This feature is a simple way to share your itinerary with others on their mobile phone/tablet via the Travaa mobile app. All you need to do, is to provide them with a code phrase and pin number, and they can view the itinerary on their phone-app.

With this feature, your travel clients/companions do not need to access the itinerary planner website, nor setup account passwords to access a trip via their mobile device.

To share a trip using Guest Access, do the 2-steps below:

1. Open Guest Access on the planner, and enter any unique code phase and pin number you like. 

screenshot - how to set up guess access

screenshot - enter guess access code pin

screenshot - set guess access code pin

2. On any Travaa app on a mobile device, enter this code-pin pair in the sign in screen. Tap Sign in and voila! 

screenshot - iphone sign in via guess access

screenshot - iphone itinerary via guess access

Removing Guest Access

To remove guest access for a trip, go to Guess Access. Clear out the code and pin fields, then click Set.

screenshot - how to remove guess access

There you have it. With Guest Access, your travel clients / companions will now know what's next and where they are whilst on the road. 

This feature complements the other existing features of trip printouts / PDF, published web page, shared web-based planning.

Happy travels!

p.s. In the current version of the mobile app (iOS and Android), users do a swipe down (in the Trips view) to manually refresh and bring all itineraries in the app to the latest copies - ideally in an area with Wifi access. This is an app feature to avoid unnecessary phone battery & cellular network data drain - commonly associated with apps constantly polling the network for updates, especially in rural low cell-signal environments. Of course as battery technology improves and cellular data gets cheaper & more ubiquitous (including in-flight Internet access), this method of manual itinerary refresh could change over time ..

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