Quiz: Where in the World?

Quiz: Where in the World?

Chris Wong  
16th February 2018  

Ok, pop quiz travel hotshots! Where in the world do you find the following:

1. The Golden Gate Bridge gets Bleached

Rainbow Bridge

2. The Statue of Liberty is Shrunked

Statue of Liberty

3. The Eiffel Tower is painted Red

Tokyo Tower

4. A Mamam Spider prepares to Hatch her Eggs

Mamam Spider

5. It's Planet of The Apes where People are in Cages

Mountain of the Monkeys

6. People Live in Tiny Capsule Apartments

Capsule Apartments

7. The Lion Head Shrine Beckons You

Lion Head Shrine

8. A Famous Temple is Covered in Gold

Temple Covered in Gold

9. and a Transformer has Landed 

transformer statue, Gundam Unicorn

10. You can Buy a Box of Fruits for a Cool US$223 

(see box on bottom-right in photo below) 

fruit boxes

Answers ..

The last two pictures should have been a give away. ;-)




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Happy Travels!

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