About Us

16th November 2018

So, you have decided on a travel destination. Having an awesome trip depends a lot about knowing where to go and when. Given the options available today, planning a multi-day, multi-location trip (with places, great eats, star activities, transport, etc.) is a fairly complex endeavour. It involves many hours of research, followed by more hours organising the places to visit into an elegant sequence. You are spending quite a bit to get there, and have only a few short days in those cities/locations. You want to have a great time. When someone asks how was X and at place Y, you want to say with a smile, yup, I have been there and it was great. ;-)

Travaa was started to make trip planning simple. Some day, you can on the spur of the moment decide to visit a destination (e.g. Italy), and have a great guided itinerary (route and schedule) assembled in minutes, and dropped into you phone/email. 

Just buy tickets and go!

The world is an exciting place. There is so much to explore .. Let's get going.


Travaa International is a technology company which makes elegant web and mobile apps that help travellers have the best travel plans and easily navigate foreign destinations. 

We believe that with every new travel experience, comes inspiration, growth and bonding for families and friends; and perhaps brings the world a bit closer together. By building new easy to use technologies and working with the global travel tribe, we aim to make incredible stress-free independent travel a reality!

Team and Technology

We are a company registered in Wellington (New Zealand), with a global team located around the world. We use the most modern technologies in our stack to provide our users with a secure, reliable and great performing service. This stack includes using Google Cloud Services, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Linode LLC, Flickr, the Apple Store, Google Play, Stripe, PayPal, and more.


Travaa was started by Chris Wong here in New Zealand. He loves the excitement of travel (who doesn't?!) and meeting new cultures. He has been travelling the world since an early age - with a backpack and free standby tickets (via his mother who worked for an international airline)! Since then, he has tried the odd occasional packaged tour. However, just like many of you, he feels that nothing quite beats the rush and flexibility of independent travel.

From years of planning and leading various overseas vacations for family and friends  (which they still talk and laugh about today), Chris has found that planning an epic trip involves too many hours of pre-trip research with sprinklings of mapping and spreadsheet frustrations. Such time spent on planning a trip is demanding for us with busy full-time jobs and family commitments.

These days, booking flights, accommodations, restaurants, tickets, etc., online are very straightforward, so, why can't planning and navigating a foreign place be just as straightforward? 


We pour a lot of care and attention into Travaa, and we hope you find it useful.

If you have any enquiries, you can reach us using this contact form or via email (info@travaa.com).

We wish you safe Travels, and (always) Awesome Adventures!