Team Travaa  
13th December 2017  

Kia ora and a warm welcome to Travaa (trav'aa) and the weird wonderful world of independent travel (trav'el).

As avid travel enthusiasts, we love the freedom of planning the perfect trip for us and the flexibility of doing what we like when we like. No setting of alarm clocks for 7:30am, to board the holiday coach bus daily please!!

Today, with the many booking websites, maps, travel blogs and other online resources available, putting together your own travel has never been more doable. However, a few non-trivial issues persist.

With limited time for a trip (say a couple weeks of annual leave), how do we fit in as much of what we want to do? There is lots of travel "chatter" on the Internet, how do we know what's doable in a few days? When we are on holiday, do we need to lug a huge travel book(s) along with us, or do we do regular finger exercises in Google Maps on foreign streets to find our way around? The list goes on ..

We started Travaa to solve the above mentioned travel pains. To make travel easy. To holiday amongst foreign lands in confidence. To experience the very best of a country/place, and easily share that trip knowledge with friends and family who might also want to go experience it first-hand for themselves!

Today, Travaa is a travel itinerary planner website, a synchronised mobile app and and an itinerary marketplace that continues to evolve. We have found it so useful in our own travels and we hope that it helps you and your friends too.

Awesome Adventures our global friend!

- Chris & the team at Travaa

Team Travaa
Adventurers at heart. Looking to make traveling the world easy, fun and simply .. awesome.
  New Zealand
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