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Team Travaa   7th March 2019  
itinerary: a planned route or journey - Google

Welcome and hello! 

One of the best things to have with you as you head off on a trip overseas or in a new city is undoubtably .. yes, you've guessed it - a travel itinerary! For me, this is the most important document next to my credit cards, passport, cash and tickets. Why? Because, in the case of pure forgetfulness, everything else I can probably get there. Unless you are a full time digital nomad or doing an extended stay, time at a destination is precious. It's great knowing where to go and what to do. I like to hit the ground running.

In this article, we will walk through the steps to get from zero to a fully-fleshed-out hero travel itinerary using my all time favourite travel itinerary planner tool - Travaa! 

Planning a trip to anywhere in the world with this tool and app is both fun and easy.

1. Travel Itinerary Planner |

Let's head over to the travel itinerary planner website.

travel itinerary planner website

Hit that big red Start button. 

Sign up and let's get inside.

Click Add Trip.

Enter your destination, dates and select a cover photo. 

If you use Tripit, you can also import your trip from there.

A clean fresh new canvas appears. You are ready start painting your trip. 

Feel free to follow the short "Tour" pop-up to get up to speed quickly with the key features of this tool.

travel itinerary planner empty

Let's add your first place ..

1. Click on a time slot on the day-by-day calendar and, 2. start typing the name of a place you plan to visit. 

Notice how a list of matching places appears? Select a place and its remaining information is filled in on the card.

Click on the calendar/schedule and add more places to visit. Move stuff around the calendar. It's fun!

For some cities, you can find world class attractions from the  Places right-hand-side panel. Click a place to get more detailed information. Drag-and-drop these straight from that panel onto your calendar. A green highlight indicates that the place is already on your schedule.

Very soon, you will have a fairly decent itinerary fleshed out.

Click the View button (at top-right) to view your itinerary in a top-down format. 

Click Print, to email yourself a PDF copy or send it to your printer.

Use the  button (at top-right) to close off any dialogs.

There are plenty of other more advanced features in the   button (at top-right).

Click Plan  button (at top-right) to return to your planning view.

Click Save (at top-left) often to save your itinerary.

Finally, click  button (at top-left) to exit this trip.

That's it. You're super qualified to use this tool!

Update your trip itinerary until maximum satisfaction is achieved. :-)

2. Travaa Phone App

Got a smart phone? Like to use it as a GPS location navigation device?

Get the Travaa app from the Apple and Android stores. 

Sign in and view your trip itineraries and notes from this phone app.

The map in the app shows the exact locations of all the places in your itinerary. The blinking blue dot shows where you are. The app uses GPS location info which comes from the satellites in the sky. No WiFi or data roaming is required for this, but you will need WiFi to cache (access) the map first (say, before heading out from your accomodation/room at the start of the day). 

Use the advanced navigation Directions feature. This provides detailed route directions to get to any place. For this, you will need to have data roaming or carry a Pocket WiFi with you. Tap on the  app button on that place to bring up Directions on your phone.

When you arrive at a place, open the app and give it a few seconds to sense you location. You will see your notes for that place pop up. 


* * *

Happy Travels!

p.s. Got questions? Contact us. :-)

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