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How to Plan an Awesome Trip!

Congrats, you have decided to go on a trip. Preparing a rough travel plan for your trip (a.k.a. itinerary) before you go allows you to to make the most of your time and really enjoy youself there.

Plan your trip visually with the TRAVAA.com website. Print out your trip (to paper / PDF file). Download the TRAVAA mobile app and bring your trip on your phone - and never be lost. Publish your trip to everyone else to see and benefit from!

Here are the steps to do this ..

1. Research your Trip

So you have read the guidebook(s) and surfed TripAdvisor for the the hottest places to visit. It's time to move on to planning your trip.

2. Sign in to TRAVAA.com

Browse to the TRAVAA travel itinerary planner site. Sign up, sign in and click "Add Trip".

Follow the short "Tour" to quickly get a good feel for the key elements of the tool.

Begin your plan with a fresh new clean canvas ..

travel itinerary planner empty

3. Fill up your Schedule

Travel planning is a fun ongoing process of finding interesting places to visit and things to do and stringing them together.

Enter names of places you have collected during your prior research and would like to visit - in the Place Activities panel on the right.

Drag activities around and refine your travel schedule. Group nearby places together for same day visits.

Very soon, you will have a draft schedule. It might look something like this ..

travel itinerary planner filled

4. Print travel itinerary

A week prior to trip departure, print out your travel itinerary or email a PDF copy to yourself.

travel itinerary planner print

5. Publish your trip

Click "Publish" (in the hamburger menu panel at far top-left) to share this travel itinerary with the rest of the group - via your very own instant travel web page!

itinerary planner publish

6. Bring your Trip on Your Phone

Turn your phone into a GPS navigation device with the TRAVAA app from the Apple and Google app stores.

app screen 01
app screen 02
app screen 03
app screen 04
app screen 05
app screen 06

Bon Voyage & have an unforgettable adventure!