We Completed YC's Startup School!

We Completed YC's Startup School!

Team Travaa  
16th December 2017  

 What's up globe trotters!

It has been 10 brain busting, blood pumping weeks. And we are super pumped to announce that TRAVAA has successfully completed a massive open online course (MOOC) with Y Combinator called Startup School.


A very special thanks to YC & Stanford is due. We are one of the grateful startups graduates mentioned in this TechCrunch article. I cannot emphasise enough, how awesome it is that online schools and virtual offices are levelling the playing field and creating more opportunities for everyone all around the world. Overall, it was a great experience for us and we would highly recommend it.

As the name suggests, we have learnt a bunch about how to run a successful startup, applied it to the development of Travaa and are now as inspired as ever about what we are bringing to the table! The course provided one-on-one mentorship with past YC Startup Founders. Our mentors were top-notch (by the way, especially Mr Jonah G!). Their feedback sessions have been invaluable. And the virtual office hours with international students have been particularly enjoyable as well. Just because we love finding out about new irks from brainstorming and critiquing has only solidified our TRAVAA vision even more.

If you are interested, check out the Company Demo Presentation that we submitted at the end of the course. Featuring Chris' (our founder) very own liquid satin vocals.

This Startup is about more than just travel. Our team is also very passionate about sharing and connecting with the travel community. We believe that travel is good for our well being on so many levels. So we are determined to help make each trip count for everyone! From the person who enjoys the nitty gritty of meticulous trip planning to the person who barely has a minute to spare before hopping on the plane for a well deserved break. This epic travel portal is going to be for YOU. We hope to enhance your travel experience with recommendations from one traveller to another.

As our launch date approaches, we are working hard to tie up loose ends. But, happy to say, we are still pretty much on track. So make sure you watch this space!

With that, I shall leave you with some wise words from Saint Augustine:

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"

What did I tell ya? The man knows his stuff!

Stay safe and Carpe Diem everyone!

- Robyn Wong

Team Travaa
Adventurers at heart. Looking to make traveling the world easy, fun and simply .. awesome.
  New Zealand
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