Bangkok, Temples and Beautiful Women

Bangkok, Temples and Beautiful Women

Chris Wong  
20th August 2018  
Bangkok, Thailand  

Our first trip to Bangkok was on our honeymoon. Having watched the Hangover movies, you might say, "buy why?". Ok, it was cheap. And, we figured that after a few days loafing around on The Beach in remote Phi Phi island, we needed to do some retail therapy away from an island, away from the sun. Our second trip to Bangkok, was just as memorable as our first, and just a tad bit stranger ..

A little over a decade ago, we found ourselves back at the capital city of Thailand. We were there on an all expenses paid trip, courtesy of a large tech company - thanks boss! We stayed in a nice hotel, and got in-room Thai massage. Yes, the really painful back breaking type, so typical of traditional Thai massages. Painful.

Dinner was at a spectacular alfresco set up, at the grand temple Wat Arun - locally known as Wat Arun Ratchawararam Ratchawaramahawihan or the Temple of Dawn. Over 90 percent of the people in Thailand are Buddhists. Yep, it was going to be our first time dinning at a Buddhist temple. Can't wait.

hotel boat on the Chao Phraya River

Wat Arun temple

Wat Arun by night with dinner

After welcoming the arrival of our host hoisted up on the backs of some six strong looking locals, we focused on grabbing hot squid, other seafood and fabulous spicy Thai cuisine arriving at the table.

The night after, we find ourselves heading for a live show. The show is called Calypso. If there is one thing you do when you know you will be in Bangkok after sundown, is to watch a cabaret show. In contrast to the more prolific shows which involve table-tennis balls (aka  ping pong balls), this is a glamorous, glitzy show with music, dancing and pretty ladies on stage. Not quite a big budget Las Vegas production, but we did score VIP seats up the front. Nice! Our new found accountant friend from the company must have won the winning ticket. He got the "bonus" special seat of the house, front and centre. As the show progressed, a hairy chested man with bright lipstick in a skimpy dress kept going up to him. Thanks buddy, glad I did not get that seat. Late into the show, that man finally jumps onto our friend's lap, couples his face with both hands and plants a massive kiss on him. Good times. After the show, we were discussing where we should head out to for the after party. Our friend, had a glazed look over his face. He looked like he really needed to head straight back to the hotel, for a long cold shower. 

Ok, back to the show. Music, lights and part the curtains ..

Calypso show dancerCalypso show performerCalypso show performer 2

Calypso show performer 3

Calypso show performersCalypso show finishing

Bangkok fireworks

What a nice show! And all the glamour, pretty ladies and action packed choreography kept us constantly at the edge of our seats. Could have sworn that the lady in red at the closing act was actually looking at me! 

By the way, you might have figured out by now that (all) the women on stage are locally known as ladyboys - transgendered women who were not born girls. After seeing them in person, I could have sworn that it would still be next to impossible for me to tell them apart from other gorgeous Thai ladies. Ah, many the foreign men who have spent "One Night in Bangkok" and ended up in possibly embarrassing predicaments with a ladyboy .. whether they "remember" it or not.

Well, the pictures here were taken from years ago when we were there. It looks like the Calypso show has since upscaled to their own premises at Asiatique The Riverfront. If you are into a little bit of Thailand specialness, check out the show. Meet the dancers and take more current photos for yourself. Who knows, you might just find yourself falling for one of these Asian beauties, or maybe leave Thailand feeling a little more enlightened. 

Happy Travels!

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