Shift to Paid Plans

Shift to Paid Plans

Team Travaa  
18th May 2023  

Hello globetrotters, it's 2023 and is travel coming back with a vengeance or what?!

In the past few months, the number of sign-ups and users planning trips has gone up and up. Feels like there's some serious pent up need to go places, and it's all being released! 

We've been tweaking the Travaa website. Making it better, more minimal and even simpler to use. Hope you like the newer look? :)

Travaa has moved to a subscription-based service - i.e. paid plans. Like Netflix, where you pay to use, but just from a few dollars per year. The new plans can be found on our home page.

All new users now begin with the Free plan. If more activities or trips are needed, one can go to Settings and manually choose to upgrade to a higher plan. This new change should help us with the increasing costs to run the Travaa website.

This change does not affect existing users who already have an account, AKA Earlybirds. You will not notice any difference.

I hope you continue to use Travaa, enjoy planning and having the most memorable trips of your life.

Buon viaggio!

Team Travaa
Adventurers at heart. Looking to make traveling the world easy, fun and simply .. awesome.
  New Zealand
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