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Moscow, Russia
On this 5 day Moscow itinerary you will see the iconic sights of the city around the Red Square. You will also explore some the finest museums in the city and lesser known attractions further out ..
5 Days The Fearless Foreigner Nov 2018
Buenos Aires
Enjoy five packed days in the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires! Be immersed in the cultural and passionate city of Tango and fútbol. Savor some of the best steak in the world and try the local pizza ..
Buenos Aires
7 Days The Fearless Foreigner Nov 2018
New York City
Welcome to New York, a.k.a. the Big Apple! I wish you wonderful travels and hope you enjoy every minute of it ☺.
New York
5 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
South Island, Adventure New Zealand
Fancy a visit to a world's premier nature and adventure destination? I have done this road trip almost 3 times now and the pure, natural, scenery is always breathtaking. The clearest blue lakes and ..
New Zealand
15 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Style Milano
Italy's (and possibly the World's!) capital of fashion, is popular for its trendy scene, nightlife “movida” and also many monuments and museums. This walking guide of Milan will get you up and ..
2 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Foodie Adventures in Naples + Rome
Naples and Rome are the two most beautiful cities in Italy. They are full of culture, art, sites, but most importantly the food here is so damn great! so if you're looking for something to revitalize ..
Naples Rome
5 Days Silvia Race Nov 2018
Venetian Romance
Fancy a visit to one of the most romantic places in the world? Riding down the historic grand canal in a private water taxi with your special someone; or be spoiled by the rowing of a singing ..
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Singapore Sling(shot) Effect
Singapore is a really small place, a whole country on an island half the size of London. With a population of almost six million (5.78 million, 2018) people on this island, Singapore is 34% more ..
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Vibrant Madrid & Central Spain
Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a most vibrant and artistic city in southern Europe. Littered with tremendous charm and beauty, this historic city is very walkable with metro trains and easy access ..
Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Salamanca
7 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Ancient Rome
Italy is a large country in Southern Europe. Together with Greece, it is acknowledged as the birthplace of Western culture and also home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the ..
4 Days TRAVAA Guides Nov 2018
Discoveries Begin with Portugal
A 900 year old history, a people that pioneered maritime travel and a legacy of over 300 million Portuguese speakers round the world, Portugal has a heritage drawn from many parts of the globe. Once ..
Lisbon, Sintra
5 Days TRAVAA Guides Oct 2018
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life", this quote sums up extraordinarily well what London has to offer. So don't think twice and don't miss the chance to hop on that flight to London, ..
5 Days Silvia Race Oct 2018
Barcelona is Life
Barcelona Spain needs no introduction as a travel destination. It's a city where some develop their love for music and explore their personal limits when it comes to late night partying. For many ..
Barcelona, Valencia
4 Days TRAVAA Guides Oct 2018
Exotic Bangkok
Bangkok, the capital and largest city of Thailand, is filled with high-rise buildings, heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife. After watching the movie Hangover 2, you might ..
Bangkok Thailand
5 Days TRAVAA Guides Sep 2018
Kyoto Culture
The cultural heart of Japan and one of its most beautiful cities, Kyoto was once the capital of Japan between 794 to 1868. From its geisha center of Gion to the temples of Zen and shrines of ..
4 Days TRAVAA Guides Sep 2018
Tokyo & Mt. Fuji
Tokyo, Japan
10 Days Nixon Sep 2018
The Berlin Edge
The capitol of Germany is edgy, stylish, and, has evolved into one of the most influential cities worldwide. Politics, art, and architecture all play tremendous roles to the constant development of ..
5 Days TRAVAA Guides Aug 2018
Andalusian Days & El Alhambra
Southern Spain is a region of massive contrasts, where drastically different religions and cultures have intertwined over hundreds of years. In this part of the world, you'll see the intense fusion ..
Sevilla, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga
7 Days TRAVAA Guides Aug 2018
Florence Renaissance
Here is a guide to 3 days of visiting the main monuments of Florence. See the Cathedral, the Uffizi Gallery (museum), the Gallery of the Academy (with the original statue of David by Michelangelo), ..
Florence, Italy
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Aug 2018
Osaka & Nara
Osaka, the 2nd largest city in Japan after Tokyo, is known for its ultra modern buildings, 16th century castle and night food streets. Combined with the relaxed back in time feel of Nara - home of a ..
Osaka Nara
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Aug 2018
Best of Tokyo Experience
Tokyo, the enormous and hi-tech capital of Japan, overflows with culture, commerce and, most of all, people! Tokyo city is the core of the most populated urban area in the world. Be fascinated by ..
7 Days TRAVAA Guides Aug 2018
Florence Bologna Venice, Ragu to Gelato .. Get lost in Italian Cuisine!
Get ready for the best foodie trip on earth. Moving from Florence to Bologna to Venice, find out the pearls of Italy and their delicious foods!
Florence, Bologna, Venice, Italy
7 Days Silvia Race Aug 2018
Visit Juliet in Verona
Visit the amazing city of Verona. It is the city of Romeo and Juliet (made famous by Shakespeare’s tragedy) and their houses. Use this single day guide to navigate the dramatic streets of this town ..
Verona, Italy
1 Day TRAVAA Guides Jul 2018
The Iconic Pisa Tilt
When in Tuscany, visiting the small city of Pisa to see the world famous leaning tower (for yourself) makes for a great day out for everyone. This iconic tower has been leaning since it was completed ..
Pisa, Italy
1 Day TRAVAA Guides Jul 2018
King's Landing, Dubrovnik
To all fans of the Game of Thrones, a warm welcome to King's Landing. Facing the Adriatic Sea, stand the massive stone walls of this 16th century old town. Paved with limestone and lined with ..
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Jul 2018
Valencia, Paella
Valencia, Spain's third largest city, is the birthplace of paella. Enjoy a more laid back pace, delicious seafood, kicking back on sunny beaches and walking by buildings that look from the future. ..
1 Day TRAVAA Guides Jun 2018
Basque-ing in Sunny San Sebastian & Walking Bilbao
In the Northern region of Spain is the beautiful country of Basque, a costal area of sunny swimming beaches, great surf spots, fresh seafood and tasty tapas - known locally by the Basque people as ..
San Sebastian, Bilbao, Spain
3 Days TRAVAA Guides Jun 2018
Charming Chiang Mai
In the Northern province of Thailand, lies a beautiful city. Her name is Chiang Mai (or "New City"). She was founded back in 1296, when she also became the new capital of the Lanna (Lan Na) Kingdom. ..
Chiang Mai, Thailand
4 Days TRAVAA Guides Jun 2018
Paris is always a good idea!
Fancy a trip in the most magical and romantic place on earth? Can't wait to get lost in the bistros and art galleries, walking along the Seine with the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower? Then this is ..
5 Days Silvia Race May 2018
Amsterdam: the city of freedom!
Looking for a place to spend your holidays in? Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural, innovative and fun capital in Europe, so liberal that is also known as a sin city! If you're looking for a ..
5 Days Silvia Race May 2018
Things to do in Seoul on your first visit!
Seoul, city of Korea, is an exciting attraction and plenty of shopping spots. It is a unique experiences await you on every corner. If it is your first time visiting Seoul, here are something that ..
5 Days ebi May 2018
Travel the hidden beauty of Taiwan
Here's my itinerary for Taiwan. It was our first trip to Taiwan, free and easy. We rented a car which comes with a driver who doubled up as our tour guide. The rented car + driver cost about SGD$100 ..
7 Days a member May 2018
Iceland: Ultimate 8 Day Road Trip Itinerary
Here's my interactive itinerary for an unforgettable 8 days in most beautiful Iceland - the land of Fire and Ice, and (winter) Northern Lights. Looking for more key essentials and plenty of awesome ..
8 Days Will Tang May 2018
GA PowerMoon
8 Days AnchYap May 2018
Dublin with Kids
5 Days Shannan - Captivating Compass Apr 2018
Shakespeare's Southwark London Neighbourhood Guide
Welcome! I’m so excited for you! Taking your family to London! What an adventure & the trip of a lifetime. You have probably been dreaming about this trip for weeks or months, if not years. Now that ..
Southwark, London UK
2 Days Shannan - Captivating Compass Apr 2018
Christmas in the Arctic Circle 2017
Our family escape to visit Santa Claus and have a white Christmas! It was an amazing trip and we have booked to go back 2018!
Lapland Helsinki
18 Days Jill Freeman Apr 2018