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Travaa lets you create travel itineraries the easy way.

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Use this free desktop website.

Start fresh with an empty itinerary,
edit a ready-made one or
import from TripIt.

Enter names of places, activities and accomodations you want to do. Details are auto-completed and fully customizable. A travel card is created for each place. Drag-drop-and-resize cards around on your schedule.

travel itinerary planner screenshot

Print out paper copies or email PDF's.

This itinerary is synced to your phone app.

All places in the trip are clearly marked on a GPS map. When you arrive, open the app and your travel card pops up - with notes for this place at your fingertips. There is no need to open large paper maps on foreign street corners or lug heavy travel books around.

apple phone app
apple phone app
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Publish your itinerary online with a couple of clicks.

Share photos and details of your adventure discretely with friends.
Even better, list it on the marketplace for everyone!

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Plan Trip

Have An Itinerary Planned for You

Don't have the time or interest to research travel destinations? Got better things to do than planning efficient travel routes? Want to leverage local knowledge and travel experts?

Tell us what you like to do, see and eat. Then, sit back and relax. Let a travel pro design you an unforgettable tailor-made itinerary.

I like to know more ..

It Starts with the Travel Itinerary

At the heart of any exciting and memorable trip, are the people (you meet and are with you) and the string of travel experiences which happen en route.

When we have a plan for an ordered list of exciting things to see and do at a far away place, everyone is happy, knowing sort of what to expect and waiting in eager anticipation. When this travel plan starts to have details and timings, we call it a travel itinerary.

Having a good travel itinerary when travelling independently is a real stress saver. You have a general guide for what to do and where to go - but there is really is no need to stick fully to it. It frees you up to simply be present and enjoy the moments there with your loved ones. If others prefer to be in their hotel rooms or wifi-cafes busy staring at their phone browsers looking up the next place to visit (when they should be out and about, during their "expensive" limited time away in an exciting new place) that is fine for them too.

With a travel itinerary, there is also no need for regret later on when back home you realise that you have missed a number of key places which you really should have visited whist you were there .. LoL!

Which of the following Best Describes You?

I Enjoy Planning a Trip!

I enjoy researching travel destinations. Planning a trip is just as fun as traveling.

I have been reading many websites. I have places and restaurants in mind. I need to get these organized into a trip plan. I am thinking of using a note pad, spreadsheets and/or Google Maps to do this.

There is a much easier way.

Use this Travaa itinerary planner website. A tool to retrieve location details and drag-and-drop activities around your timeline. Have a large map to mark places to visit (it expands to full-screen too!). Enjoy growing your trip plan to hundreds of places; quickly and easily.

I am Looking for an Itinerary I can Use

I realize that I am not the first person to visit this destination. I like to follow the plan of someone else with similar tastes, who has already been there and done that.

Find an awesome ready-made travel itinerary.

Make tweaks, bookings and go!

I want an Expert to Plan my Trip

I do not enjoy planning trips. I have other priorities. I just want a great holiday with the freedom to do it at my own pace. Reading guidebooks, TripAdvisor reviews and countless blog sites is not my idea of fun.

Have a travel local/expert plan your trip.

Product Details

Planner Website

  • An online travel itinerary planner (works best on desktop browsers)
  • Start from a blank canvas & map
  • Use an itinerary from the marketplace; or import your itinerary from TripIt
  • Enter places to visit (and things to do) on your trip into place (activity) cards; drag-and-drop place cards around your timeline
  • Any place card is fully editable; enter "off the beaten path" places
  • Photos and detailed information provided for known places
  • Large resizable map display provides plenty of landscape, aerial and street views around places of interest
  • Get professional looking PDF copies of your plan emailed to you
  • Publish your travel plan online with just 2-clicks
  • Access your travel plan anywhere via the Internet or via the mobile app

Mobile App

  • Carry your travel plan around in your smart phone / tablet
  • GPS-based map shows your current location
  • Place cards pop-up when you are at their location
  • Quick website links to a place/activity for easy lookups & bookings
  • Quick phone links to call a place/activity for those last minute phone reservations
  • Quick access to sat-nav directions from Google Maps or Apple Maps (requires mobile Internet)

Get Travaa app from the Apple App Store

Get Travaa app from the Google Play Store


  • Custom made travel itineraries and ready-made templates
  • Have your travel plan created by someone else
  • Itineraries are hand created by locals, travellers or guides
  • Affordable prices
  • Credit back guarantees
  • Skip planning altogether; just make bookings and go!
  • Details see custom made and marketplace
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