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Save Time, Plan Your Vacation the Easy Way

Planning a holiday is fun, but tedious. Using separate documents for scheduling, looking up maps for finding your way around, laying out spreadsheets for budgeting expenses, and noting down all the various details (phone numbers, addresses, map directions, etc.) can get messy.

Our studio website makes creating your travel itinerary easy. Simply sign up and start creating your own trips. Use the simple drag-and-drop schedule which features auto-populated place details, photos, maps and more.

The mobile app will be your personal on-location tour guide for your trip. Using your completed trip itinerary, follow your very own location aware map betwen places. Get “pop-up” on-location details when you arrive at a place of interest. Finding your way around in a foreign place has never been easier!

Enjoy Planning Your Vacation

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Be Your Own Personal Tour Guide

Mobile App *

  • Have your collection of trips on your smart phone / tablet
  • Follow your own daily step-by-step trip itinerary
  • GPS-based map continuously shows you where you are relative to your trip activity locations
  • Get pop-up location details when you arrive at an activity location
* beta available on request

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