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No more struggling with Word docs, spreadsheets and Google Maps to plan a trip.

Create a new trip or start with a ready made itinerary.
Add activity and accomodation cards. Drag-and-drop these around your daily schedule.

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It Starts with the Travel Itinerary

As independent travellers or guides, we generally like to have a plan or list of things to see and do. When this travel plan starts to have timings and details, we call it a travel itinerary.

When travelling, having a good travel itinerary is a real stress and time saver. You have a guide for what to do and where to go.

Be present and enjoy the moments in your new surroundings. There is no need to keep figuring out what to do, or where to go next - that's all been sorted. Have no regrets later on, you know that your have covered all (or most) of the must do places. You haven't missed anything.

Having a planned itinerary is the road map to having an efficient route - no energy and time wasted back tracking or circling around.

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I'm Looking for a Tool to Create and Store Travel Itineraries

I have been doing research. I have places to be and restaurants in mind. I need to get these organized. I think using a Word editor, spreadsheets and/or Google Maps is an overkill and messy.

There is a much easier way.

Use the Travaa itinerary planner website. A tool to automatically retrieve location details (photos, addresses, etc.), pin markers to a map and drag-and-drop activity cards around your day-by-day timeline. Work with a large map (which expands to full-screen too!) to visually organize your trip.

Enjoy growing your trip plan to hundreds of places; quickly and still be on top of all the places and activities.

I'm Looking for Travel Itineraries

Use a travel plan that someone else has already painstakingly prepared, updated and shared. You can find a variety of these under Itinerararies.

Make your own tweaks, bookings and go.

Feel free to share your own plan back on the Itineraries section for others to use after you get back!

Product Details

Planner Website

  • An online travel itinerary planner (works best on desktop browsers)
  • Start from a blank canvas; use an itinerary from the marketplace; or import your itinerary from TripIt
  • Drag in the world's best places to visit or add places to visit (and things to do) via activity "cards"; drag-and-drop cards around your timeline
  • Any card is fully editable; enter off the beaten path places
  • Photos and detailed information provided for known places
  • Large resizable map display provides plenty of landscape, aerial and street views around places of interest
  • Print out a professional looking PDF (or paper copies) of your plan
  • Publish your travel plan online with just 2-clicks

Itineraries Hub

  • Ready-made travel itinerary templates
  • Hand created by other users, experts or guides
  • Skip planning altogether; just make bookings and go!
  • Details see Itinerararies

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