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Bangkok, the capital and largest city of Thailand, is filled with high-rise buildings, heavy traffic congestion, intense heat and naughty nightlife. After watching the movie Hangover 2, you might ..
5 Days
Travaa Guides, Oct 2019
Singapore is a really small place, a whole country on an island half the size of London. With a population of almost six million (5.78 million, 2018) people on this island, Singapore is 34% more ..
3 Days
Travaa Guides, Feb 2019
Charming Chiang Mai
In the Northern province of Thailand, lies a beautiful city. Her name is Chiang Mai (or "New City"). She was founded back in 1296, when she also became the new capital of the Lanna (Lan Na) Kingdom. ..
4 Days
TRAVAA Guides, Jan 2019
Buenos Aires
Enjoy five packed days in the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires! Be immersed in the cultural and passionate city of Tango and fĂștbol. Savor some of the best steak in the world and try the local pizza ..
7 Days
The Fearless Foreigner, Jan 2019
Things to do in Seoul on your first visit!
Seoul, city of Korea, is an exciting attraction and plenty of shopping spots. It is a unique experiences await you on every corner. If it is your first time visiting Seoul, here are something that ..
5 Days
ebi, May 2018
Basque, San Sebastian & Bilbao
In the Northern Spain lies the beautiful region of Basque. A costal area with sunny swimming beaches, great surf spots, fresh seafood and tasty pintxos - larger size tapas, famous amongst the Basque ..
3 Days
TRAVAA Guides, Jan 2019