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Enjoy five packed days in the Paris of the South, Buenos Aires! Be immersed in the cultural and passionate city of Tango and fútbol. Savor some of the best steak in the world and try the local pizza and empanadas. Stroll through the streets of different neighborhoods to see everything from historical architecture to recent street art.
Recoleta Walking Tour
Start your first morning off by getting your bearings of the city with a free tour of the Recoleta neighborhood. See the beautiful architecture that gives Buenos Aires its claim to fame as the Paris of the south.
El Sanjuanino
A traditional Argentinian restaurant for lunch. A popular place with the locals that is known for its empanadas.
Cementerio de la Recoleta
La Recoleta cemetery holds the elaborate graves of former presidents and famous people such as Eva Perón. Weaving through the burial sites you will feel like you are visiting a town of tiny buildings instead of a cemetery.
El Ateneo Grand Splendid
As you make your way to El Ateneo Grand Splendid, a large bookshop in a former theater, take in the streets of Recoleta. Even if you can't read the Spanish books you will enjoy the bookstore that is voted as one of the most beautiful in the world.
Teatro Colón
In the evening see an opera or a ballet at The Teatro Colón, one of the best opera houses in the world. Make sure to get tickets early and check to see if you have a full view or not.
La Bomba del Tiempo
If it is Monday night head to the weekly percussion party at La Bomba del Tiempo. It is not only a show, but an experience for locals and tourists alike.
Floreria Atlántico
After whichever venue you choose, end the night with some cocktails at Floreria Atlántico. From the outside it looks like a flower shop. Once inside you are taken through a door to the downstairs speakeasy.
Jardín Japonés
Surround yourself with green vegetation and the relaxing atmosphere of the Japanese Gardens.
MALBA, the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires, is where you can see the impressive artwork of well-known artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.
Palermo Lunch
So many good choices in the Palermo neighborhoods for lunch! Artmesia and Buenos Aires Verde are both good for healthier and vegetarian options. Miranda and La Dorita both offer awesome 3 course lunch deals.
Argentine Polo
Did you know that polo is the national sport of Argentina? If its November you are in luck because you can get tickets to a polo match at Campo del Polo in Palermo.
The Rural
Check to see if there are any interesting events going on at La Rural, a big exposition center in Palermo.
Parrilla "Don Julio"
Argentina lives up to its claim of having the best steak in the world. Don Julio, one of the best steakhouses in the city, is well known for a reason. Make sure to book reservations at least two weeks in advance!
Niceto club
Buenos Aires is known for its late dinners and even later parties and social gatherings. If you want an authentic experience of Buenos Aires night life, head to this club that is mostly full of Argentineans. Remember things don't get going until after at least 12 or 1am.
Evita Museum
Uncover the history of Argentinean politics through the life of Eva Perón.
Palermo Lunch
So many good choices in Palermo for lunch! Artmesia and Buenos Aires Verde are both good for healthier and vegetarian options. Miranda and La Dorita both offer awesome 3 course lunch deals.
Feria Honduras - Plaza Serrano
If it is Saturday or Sunday, visit this craft and souvenir market in Plaza Serrano in Palermo Soho. Individual artists and designers sell their own goods that fill the many booths of the plaza.
Many people are surprised to find out how popular and how good the ice cream is in Buenos Aires. Try one of the many ice cream places in Palermo, such as Freddo. Get a drizzle of dulce de leche on top for a real Argentinean treat!
Wander the streets of the trendy neighborhoods of Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho. As you are walking the streets you will be sure to stumble upon the numerous pieces of street art. Spend some time relaxing in Plaza Serrano and Plaza Armenia and then explore the boutique stores on the nearby streets.
Enjoy dinner again in Palermo, where there is a countless number of good restaurants of any cuisine you could want. For another delicious steak meal try La Cabrera or Las Cabras. If Indian sounds good check out Mumbai. Pizza lovers will want to try Siamo Nel Forno. Go to Cucina Paradiso Palermo for pasta. Buenos Aires Verde is a good choice for vegetarians. Remember most places for dinner do not open until a least 8:00pm.
Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur
Take a walk or bike ride in this green paradise within the city. You can get away from the crowds and noises of the city within this oasis.
Casa Rosada
The Casa Rosada, or pink house, is the house of the president of Argentina. Tours are available every Saturday at 12:30pm for English speakers. Make sure to book in advance.
Pizzería Güerrin
Long standing traditional pizza and empanada place. Packed with locals and visitors, Pizzería Güerrin is known as an instuticion since 1932.
City Center Tour
If you enjoy tours and want to learn more about the history of the city take a free walking tour through the city center. You will gain more knowledge about the buildings you are seeing and what made Buenos Aires what it is today in a informative and humorous way.
Calle Florida origen
Walk over to Calle Florida, one of the most popular pedestrian shopping streets in the city. A good place to check out the buildings and people watch too.
Tango Porteño
You can't come to Buenos Aires without seeing some tango! Enjoy dinner and a full show of dancing and singing on a Broadway scale.
La Catedral Club
If you can't get enough Tango, enjoy some drinks and see a more authentic version of the dance from the locals at La Catedral Club. In this unique venue in an old dark warehouse you can even take a tango class or try some social dancing. Like other late night events, most of the music and dancing doesn't get started until after midnight.
Bus or Taxi
Depending where you are coming from in the city it will take between 1.5 - 2 hours and several buses to reach the fair. You can go by taxi in around 30 minutes for about $7 -10 USD one way. Use the Cabify taxi app.
Feria de Mataderos
It may be about an hour away from the most visited neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, but it is worth the journey to see a new part of the city. In addition to the artisan craft market you can soak about up some traditional culture by watching some gaucho horseback riding and listening to folk music. Also make sure to try an empanada from one of the vendors.
San Telmo
Visit the cobblestone streets of the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. If it is Sunday you can walk the blocks and blocks of the San Telmo market that runs from Plaza Dorrego to Plaza Mayo. You might even catch a free tango show in Plaza Dorrego. Buy a Choripan from any of the street vendors as you pursue the goods. Any day of the week you can check out the indoor San Telmo market.
La Boca
The colorful houses draw many people to wander the streets of La Boca. The area almost appears as an open air museum. It is best to stick to El Caminito and not stray too far from the tourist track in this area.
Boca Juniors Stadium
There are not many things that the Argentineans are more passionate about than fútbol. It's unlikely to be able to get tickets to a match on your own, so go with a tour company that provides transportation, dinner, drinks and an escort to the match. Amid all the cheering of the fans you will be sure to be sucked up into this Argentinean passion too!
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