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Paris is always a good idea!

5 days in ParisFrance
created by

Silvia Race

1st February 2019
Fancy a trip in the most magical and romantic place on earth? Can't wait to get lost in the bistros and art galleries, walking along the Seine with the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower? Then this is your perfect trip!
You got a long day ahead so might as well start to kick it with a nice full brunch. Eggs & co is a little Parisian style restaurant where they serve mostly eggs in every way possible. Perfect to start the day with an omelette!
Pont Neuf
Take a walk to Pont Neuf, it is the oldest bridge in Paris and it gives you a great view of the Ile de la Cité. It is full of street artists, musicians and it's trafficked with people from all over the world. Behind you there is the majestic Notre Dame de Paris, great spot to take a pic!
Notre Dame
Notre Dame de Paris is one of the most famous cathedral in Paris and rightly so. A place full of history and with a jaw dropping architecture. The square in front of the Cathedral is animated with people flowing in to visit the interior. Definitely worth it to wait a little bit outside
If Notre Dame didn't impress you enough then you WILL be impressed by the Saint Chapelle. This is one of the most magical place in Paris. As you get inside it feels like a time machine. Climb on the narrow stairs to get to the second floor where the real magic happens: colorful windows create a fascinating atmosphere in this room.
Palace of justice
Since you're here don't miss out on the beautiful Palace of Justice of Paris. This is just one of the incredible buildings in this area,
Ladurée Paris Bonaparte
You probably need to recharge a little bit so why not go at one of the most famous patisserie chain in France: Ladurée. Ladurée is THE France patisserie, each and every spot is perfectly curated, the products are all genuine French and the best thing you can get is a box of Macarons. It is so preciously made that you almost don't want to ruin it eating it!
Le Perchoir
Aperitif time! Time to put on your fanciest clothes to live up to the expectations of the fashion capital city! Le Perchoir is a nice little spot in the Marais neighborhood, it is perfect to sip on a glass of wine and watch the sun setting behind the skyline.
Restaurant Le Meurice Alain Ducasse
Paris is the place to be when it comes to great food. And since you're on holiday, treat yourself going to Le Meurice. This 3 Michelin stars restaurant is a must if you're willing to actually discover the flavors of French cuisine. The interior of the restaurant reminds of Versailles: you'll feel like Louis XVIII while eating your snails With a fixed menu of 75 Euros you'll even be able to stay on a budget
Au Sauvignon
This place is a family-run winery that exists since 1954! It offers a great selection of wines (not only Sauvignon) and the atmosphere is perfectly French :)
Pompidou square
The Pompidou centre is a modern building with a crazy architecture designed by Renzo Piano. The building offers a lot of surprises on the inside from art galleries to live performances. But when it closes at night, the square in front of it becomes itself a stage for artists who entertain the people. Grab a beer and sit on a bench to enjoy this view
Louvre Museum
This museum is worth every queue! Just by getting into the space in front of the entrance you'll get the feeling that you made the right choice coming here. It contains the most beautiful and important works of art and you'll be speechless by the time you're out. Plus you CAN'T go to Paris without paying visit to the Mona Lisa!
Tuileries Gardens
Just outside the Louvre Museum you'll find the Tuileries Gardens. This gardens are a big and quiet park in the middle of the city. People stroll by, sit on the bench to soak up some sun, have an ice cream at one of the bars located inside. It's the best if you're willing to relax a little bit from the chaos of the city and enjoy the flowers and the statues.
Eiffel Tower
This is probably the moment you've been waiting for the most.. The Eiffel Tower! France signature all over the world. Here you'll get some views from the top, you'll be able to get to the last floor and see the whole city, perfect place to snap your perfect Paris pic!
This is the most chic and fancy street you'll ever walk. From Bulgari to Louis Vuitton all the biggest brands are here with their luxurious shops and buildings. But don't worry if you're willing to do some 'not that rich' shopping, there are also big chains like Zara and H&M so it's up for everyone.
L'Arc de Triomphe de l'Etoile
At the end of your Champs Elysées walk you'll find this majestic arc. It is in the middle of what it's maybe Europe's most chaotic roundabout. It is full of street artists and going up there lets you see an interesting side of Paris skyline.
Rue de la Harpe
With a quick metro ride get back to the heart of the city to Rue de l'Harpe. Here you'll find a lot of nice little spots to eat and have a relaxing pause. Plus there are also some interesting vintage shops here and there and you may get your deal!
La Crêperie Bretonne Paris Montparnasse
This place is a guarantee! This is one of the best creperie in Paris if not, The best. It's featured on the French newspaper Le Figaro and you'll find different versions of the delicious Crepe
Shakespeare and Company
This place feels like getting into Narnia.. it's a magic spot where time stops. The atmosphere in here it is really something else. You'll find every kind of book, the staff is super nice and ready to help and you can spend in there as much time as you want. Sometimes they let people sleep in for the night! There's a piano if you feel like entertaining the crowd, or just sit back and hope someone plays the Amelie soundtrack. If you're lucky enough you'll meet the cats that live in this shop :D
It is in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the area around is full of life! It is definitely a must see as it's one of Paris iconic building. Just face to the Pantheon there's France most famous university La Sorbonne and at a walking distance the Luxembourg gardens
Giardini del Lussemburgo
This gardens are one of Paris lungs, they're typical French gardens. The statues decorate this nice little green island, and in the pond they make miniature boats races
Aperitif along the Seine
Sunset is a perfect time for an aperitif along the river, there are musicians, kids playing, beaches and benches to sit and soak up some sun before the night starts. Here you can grab a beer at any little shop and enjoy the flow of the river as the city transforms at night.
Gérard Mulot
In rue de Seine, you can enjoy one of the best croque monsieur. If you'e wondering what that is.. well this is the right place to find out. One of typical French dishes, the croque monsieur is basically a fried sandwich with ham and cheese but to put it like this it's definitely an understatement as it's one of the most finger licking thing France has to offer! And here you'll have it for a good price
FLOW Paris
This place is perfect for some night views and a little adventure. It is located on the river, always packed with people and you can either dance or enjoy the stars and the city lights from the rooftop. It is definitely a top place to party.
Some of the most controversial artists lived right here, like Picasso and Dali. This place feels like a movie: a mixture of Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen and Amelie by Jeunet. Here everything seems to have an artistic flavor. You can get your caricature or portrait with painters at every corner and get lost in the narrow streets of this neighborhood filled with romanticism. Get all the little glimpses that make Paris, Paris. If I may suggest, walking around with Amelie soundtrack gets you the experience even more.
Café des Deux Moulins
That you're a fan of the movie or not, this place is an institution. Here they shoot Amelie with the beautiful French actress Audrey Tautou. The style of this café it's really unique. It is said that before the movie it was actually going to close, but of course after the success it started back its full activity. References to the movie are everywhere!
The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris
This is one of the others super famous symbol of Paris: the Sacre Coeur. It leans over the whole city with stairs that look like they arrive to the end of the city centre. You can get one of the best views here : just find a spot to sit on the crowded stairs and enjoy it. There are musicians and artists to entertain you for hours here, all of that with a great background.
Le Bateau-Lavoir
This place was a former piano lab that got reconstructed to create a livable building. And the people who lived in here are not your normal neighborhoods, indeed the first group to come here included Picasso, Braque, Apollinaire and Gauguin.
Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
These galleries are probably Harrods' biggest rival. But the opalescence here reigns victorious: it feels like you're walking a catwalk at any moment really as there are stylish people Anna Wintour style everywhere moreover this is the place for high fashion in one of the most fashion cities in the world. Also: on the rooftop there's a pretty nice view
Moulin Rouge
The birthplace of the can-can: you definitely heard at least once in your life of the Moulin Rouge. To this day this club still has that atmosphere of the old time France. And you can still get a table to enjoy shows and cabarets here.
Museo d'Orsay
Gauguin, Matisse, Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh.. enter this museum and soak in all the art and culture. The most famous paintings you saw on your art books are here, ready to give you shivers.
Restaurant du Musée d'Orsay
Since you're already here why not take the chance and try the restaurant of the Musée d'Orsay? This restaurant still looks like the ancient times of the 900 and the food is traditional French, exquisite!
Rue de Rivoli
This street connects the Louvre museum to Chatelet and it's a vibrant! It's impossible not to notice the building in photo at the number 59. That building is a 'art house' it hosts now collections from more than 30 artists and everyday workshops, a perfect place to see something unusual.
Musée Rodin
The museum is dedicated to August Rodin. The artist lived here during his last years and many more like Matisse and Duncan: his will was to create a museum out of this place, and it was fulfilled
This is the French Revolution! The Bastille was a former prison that played a fundamental role in the French Revolution, today there is a column to remember all that. And it is still here that big moments like demonstrations and protests happen.
Au P'tit Grec
Since 1981 this crowded place delivers yummy plates. The service is very fast even though the number of people and the prices are kind of cheap, definitely give it a try!
This cruise along the seine is worth every second of it. The slow ride on this boat gives you the picture perfect Paris, Especially if you take it a night.
Centro Pompidou di Parigi
This place is a little crazy, from the inside out. You can already tell by the weird looking architecture, inside they usually host some galleries and shops. But that's not all because if you're lucky enough you'll be able to be part of some of the shows they organize here. And when I say 'be part' I mean it: they do 'meta theatre' here, an experience.
Lou Pascalou
A very hipster indie place, full of doc Parisians: great to meet locals. Also there are usually some art expos and a nice terrace to enjoy.
Cimitero del Père-Lachaise
As weird as it may be to put a cemetery in the list of things to visit, well that happens when it's one of the most famous cemetery in the whole world and one of the most visited. Here you can pay your homage to the graves of the most famous people. For the botanic passionates there are two species of incredible old trees that are making history as they were planted in 1880
Place Edith Piaf
A little place dedicated to the French singer who gifted to the world the amazing 'La Vie En Rose' maybe the most beautifully written love song of an époque.
Place gambetta
This is the side of the less touristy Paris: an artsy neighborhood to get lost in, a mixture of bohemian vibe with a modern touch, populated with a lot of unusual bars and quirky shops to buy the last souvenirs
Canal Saint-Martin
This is a different way to approach the beautiful river: La Seine. This bridge is mostly known for a scene from Amelie where she describes it as one of her favorite places to go think and relax. Maybe you can do the same to process this fully packed trip in Paris :)
Les Éditeurs
This place is a little mix of a Bistrot and a Brasserie. It serves great quality food as it is featured on Forbes 'best places to eat in Paris'. It's the best way to end your trip with a a couple of wine glasses and some tartines. Plates are also kind of big and the prices are fair.
Last walk along the Seine
Here, your trip has come to the end eventually. Taste these last moments and revel in Paris night lights for one last time. You're surely bringing that back home with you :)
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