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5 days in London, United Kingdom, England
created by

Silvia Race

31st January 2019
"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life", this quote sums up extraordinarily well what London has to offer. So don't think twice and don't miss the chance to hop on that flight to London, where there is all that life can afford!
Big Ben
The icon of the United Kingdom all over the world, UNESCO heritage, a place of great history: the Big Ben. The beauty of this 'clock' represents the beauty of this city itself: 96 meters tall, it chimed for the first time in 1859! Unluckily the Tower isn't open to anyone, but you can still snap a great pic here from the outside!
Palace of Westminster
Right to the side of the Big Ben you'll find the Houses of Parliament. The actual parliament sits here to this day. It is open to visitors with tours and it's definitely beautiful on the Inside as it looks from the outside.
Westminster Abbey
This is one of the most beautiful abbeys in the world and definitely the most important one in London. It may remind you a lot of Notre Dame de Paris from the outside, the sale is very similar. The people who made England history are all buried here. And the bells chime during Royal events. Here they celebrated the funerals of Lady Diana as well as the wedding of Kate and William! Of course it is UNESCO heritage. Ps: if you're a Da Vinci Code fan, here they shot some scenes of the movie too, in front of Sir Isaac Newton burial
10 Downing St
Pass by 10 Downing Street to see where the prime minister lives, simply known in the UK as number 10. Considered by Margaret Thatcher as 'one of the most precious jewel' of the city.
Coca-Cola London Eye
Definitely not one for who's scared of heights! 135 meters tall, this wheel has been the tallest in the world for a while, then recently overcame by China. It gives you a magnificent view of 360 degrees of the whole city. This skyline will leave you speechless, especially if you go for the sunset! The queue may be a little long so book your tickets online, it will also make you save some money :)
Walk along the Thames
Enjoy a walk along the beautiful Thames. Here there are street artists, shops, cafés, everything is moving fast in this city! Plus if you enjoy skateboard, along the river you'll find some amazing skateparks.
Hungerford Bridge
Aand just in time to see the bridge light up for the night! Great view, go for it and snap that pic!
Roux at Parliament Square
Celebrate your first night in London in a very, very, fancy place. Hang out with Lords and Barons as well as politicians and high level business men and women: Roux is the place to be to taste one of the best European menu offered in London cooked by Michelin stars chefs. Delicious!
The Cinnamon Club
London is known as one of the most multicultural places in the world, so go ahead and try them all, you're lucky enough to be in a place where you can taste food from all over and by the best chefs. The Cinnamon Club serves Indian deliciousness on the daily: the place is beautiful and the atmosphere dreamy, but what's most important obviously is that the food is so so special. "Just" about 18 chefs are in the kitchen making sure you have the flavors straight from Delhi right on your table.
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square is one of the most beautiful squares in London. It looks so majestic with its two lions standing on the sides and the National Gallery just facing the front. A lot goes on in this Square, there are always musicians and artists entertaining the crowds, and from the stars in front of the Gallery you can get an unusual view of the Big Ben.
National Gallery
The Collection in this gallery is crazy wide. This museum indeed wasn't formed by a series of work of arts that belonged to the country but they started to collect works from all over the world. Don't miss the beautiful works by Turner, one of the greatest English painters. There's not much queue and plus it's free! Definitely worth it!
Poppie's Fish & Chips
Maybe it's time to try London's classics: fish and chips. This place is an historical one and serves fish and chips traditionally made but also with an accent of new spices and flavors. They've been in the business since 1952, they do know what they're doing.
Royal Opera House
The Royal Opera House is a great historical place where many famous world class events took place. But if you actually want to see an event you will have to book way before. Otherwise get inside to get a glimpse of this fancy place.
Covent Garden
Covent Garden is such a magical place. His name was originally 'CoNvent Garden' as it was indeed the garden of a convent. Today a lot has changed: it is full of shops, artisans, nice food and just by, there is the world's biggest Apple Store!
The Barbary
On to trying different flavors from around the world, get lost in The Barbary. This place aims to revive all the ancient recipes from North Africa. It is very cozy and welcoming but most importantly there is a dedication and attention to the food you won't see elsewhere. Plus while in line they offer you nice yummy snacks that make even the queue worth!
Piccadilly Circus
Basically the heart of the city, the Times Square of London. As soon as you arrive in Piccadilly Circus it feels like you're in the middle of a chaos. People flowing from every corner of the street, shops, brands, foods, artists. When you get out of the metro station it feels like coming into a new exciting world. Plus, it is full of bars pubs and clubs to have fun!
Camden Town
A place that belongs to a different universe, a different time. Camden town is a little neighborhood on a river, where different cultures meet and you find the craziest/weirdest people on earth. Shops here sell ANYTHING, from cannabis gadget to incredibly perfect fake Gucci bags. It's the place to get the most original London souvenir. Get lost in the underground part of the shops and make friends with the kind (and weird) vendors. Plus don't miss on trying a different cuisine, you can basically find anything here.
Boom Burger
Here you can instantly materialize in Jamaica. Get the Caribbean vibes while in the middle of the city. Spicy burgers to fresh smoothies, don't miss on this one!
St. Paul's Cathedral
The most important work of art by Cristopher Wren and the biggest religious building in Great Britain. This Cathedral is incredibly beautiful and the area around is a jewel of elegance.
Thames Tigers
Get ready to fly over London' river: hop on these boats to have a full speed tour of London from the Thames perspective, apparently if you're lucky enough you get to see Sammy the seal. Very particular sight to have in London!
The Shard
One of the fanciest place to be in London, and a jaw dropping work of architecture by the Italian Renzo Piano. With its 309.7 meters it's the tallest building in Great Britain and the 96th in the whole world. Inside a the last floor you can enjoy a magnificent view and experience the vibrating world of business of 'the city'.
Tower Bridge
This is maybe one of the most iconic symbol of London. The particularity consist of the fact that this bridge is basically made of two components that sometimes are opened up to let ships pass by. Very nice walk.
The SkyMarket
This place is the only rooftop market that brings together different food producers and shops. Get up there and pick the best foodie experience you can get all while having a view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Notting Hill
Beautiful Victorians houses all around, colored little apartments with nice porches out on the street, welcome to Notting Hill. This neighborhood was made famous by the super romantic movie starring the young Hugh Grant and the beautiful Julia Roberts. It is known as an 'alternative place' full of shops and restaurants. During the weekends you'll find the best markets taking place here where, if you're lucky enough you may get a good deal for some antique trades. Oh and if you happen to be here during the Carnival you'll get one of the craziest experience ever in London!
Portobello Road
Find here the quirkiest shops and bars! Definitely keep an eye for all the crazy deals you can get: second hand never looked so good.
Soho is where Londoners, tourists and basically everyone come to look for entertainment, indeed it has its reputation for a reason. Popping with music shops, clubs, bars and many restaurants around here, visited by numerous celebrities.
Oxford Street
Oxford street is one of the best roads to prove your shopping skills, the biggest chains of England are all here where also historical stores like Ludwig can be found. Not a surprise that is indeed the most visited shopping street in Europe. Get in there and while you're at it enjoy the fascinating architecture all around :)
Welcome to paradise: 7 floors of toys-only, the perfect place to recall the child in you. Hamleys is the place where if you're childish enough you can really spend an entire day at. The staff is super nice and they let you take pictures with massive lego constructions and giant puppets. If you get out of this place without buying anything, boy, you're strong.
The Harry Potter Experience
If you are an hardcore Harry Potter fan you may want to save the last day for the Harry Potter experience. They get you to the studios to give you all the insights behind the scenes and you'll even get to try the famous butter beer and jellies!
Buckingham Palace
Head to the Her Majest 'house' for the morning. The beautiful Palace leaves every tourist speechless, it's inevitable. You can visit the crown's jewels, and if you're here for midday you'll get to see the change of the guard.
Hyde Park
This immense park is something else. Squirrels, ducks, people.. get a cover on the ground, grab an ice cream and relax in the sun. There are different stands around where you can get food. And if you're interested in feeding the squirrels (very friendly) they also sell nuts. Many people working in offices near by come here for lunch time sitting on a bench in the sun, pretty good break!
Speakers' Corner
Try and spark a debate here in the Speaker's Corner maybe trying to reach the level of people like Karl Marx or George Orwell who hosted some heated up debates right in this place.
Kensington Palace
This is one of the residence of the Royal Family. Very cured in every detail from the palace itself to the gardens around full of flowers, if you're wandering in Hyde Park you'll probably stumble here
Natural History Museum
If you're passionate about nature this place will feel like paradise. There is so much to learn just wondering from an hall to another, you could actually spend a whole day in here.
"All things for all people, everywhere" this is Harrods motto. Pretty clear I guess. This place hosts so many luxury shops, restaurants, bars..You can find everything and everything of the best quality! The Queen Herself shops for food here. And trust me, even if you don't buy anything it is just so entertaining to walk in as everything is so well kept, so shining, so tempting! Just in front of the Italian restaurant where the chefs sing along the most famous Italian anthems while cooking, there is a fancy ice cream parlor where you can get a special flavor of 'vanilla and coke'. It may seem weird to see someone pouring a bottle of coke on your vanilla ice cream, but you'll be surprised by how good it tastes :) PS If you happen to be here during winter don't miss the opening, once they used real penguins and reindeers!
Chai Wu
Get a taste of the finest Chinese food in this fancy restaurant on the 5th floor of Harrods. You definitely won't get an average experience of Asian food here, the menu was well thought by numerous asians chef who didn't leave anything to chance!
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