Sintra and Lisbon

5 days in Lisbon, Sintra, Portugal
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by @travaaguides

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5th February 2019
A 900 year old history, a people that pioneered maritime travel and a legacy of over 300 million Portuguese speakers round the world, Portugal has a heritage drawn from many parts of the globe. Once a world's first global economic, political and military power during the Age of Discoveries (15th-16th century), Portugal has since been crippled by a series of world events to become one of today's world's most peaceful countries (#3 Global Peace Index, 2017, IEP). Whether you are looking for some of the best surf in the world, or delight in seeing monuments and remarkable views, Portugal could just be *the* place for you. Taste bacalhau (salted cod), drink port (wine), appreciate some Fado (music) and seek out the source of the world famous pastéis de nata (Portuguese egg pastries/tarts). This guide should help you easily find your way around some of the most interesting places in her capital of Lisbon, and nearby historic town of Sintra.
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