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Amsterdam, City of freedom!

5 days in Amsterdam
created by

Silvia Race

1st February 2019
Looking for a place to spend your holidays in? Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural, innovative and fun capital in Europe, so liberal that is also known as a sin city! If you're looking for a place that'll give you its best in just few days or where you can just lose control a little bit for a crazy adventure, then Amsterdam is the place to go!
PANCAKES Amsterdam Negen Straatjes
Is there even a better way to start off your day besides pancakes? Nope I don't think so. Especially when we're talking about THESE pancakes. I never tasted better pancakes in my whole life and that's not even an overstatement. Just try it, trust me there's no going back!
Jordaan District
This little district have some of the weirdest and most random shops you'll find. Cards, magnets, lamps, vintage .. here you'll find everything. Best place to pick up some unique souvenirs. It's also full of colorful bridges and some of the best spots to watch over the canals.
This delicious place offers a good variety of Dutch food, plus it's very Instaworthy with its big long wood tables to share with strangers. A good way to make new friends, plus it's in the top rated of tripadvisor!
House Anna Frank
This place it's a must when in Amsterdam. It's incredibly touching to see such an important place so well preserved. The guide will walk you through a little bit of history and surprising insights many ignore. The only down is that there's usually a long queue, so you should either go during the right time which is usually early in the morning, or might as well book online. Definitely worth it though!
The 9 Streets
End your day with this little hub: this is where locals hang, this is where to be if you're willing to stroll relaxed while absorbing Amsterdam beauty and personality. You can end your shopping and have an aperitif along the canals while watching the city getting ready for the night.
Dam Square is one of the hearts of Amsterdam night life. Bars, crowds of people moving everywhere, pop up shops, street artists performances and sorority parties all take place here in this square. Just sit on the stairs and participate to this 'movida'
Bakers & Roasters
This nice little place offers you a variety of cakes you won't believe, a place out of fantasy for the chocolate lovers!
I Amsterdam Sign
In front of this sign there are thousands of people taking pictures, so many of them it's almost impossible to get one by yourself. Plus there are also a lot of street artists to cheer people all around
Cobra Cafe
This cafe is just nearby and it offers great deals for tourists. You can watch the crowd posing and passing by the Amsterdam sign and they offer a good selection of beers. Very nice to grab a toast and a cold beer in a summer day.
Van Gogh Museum
4 floors only dedicated to the iconic painter who shaped the idea of painting itself. You can soak in all the genius from this artist in one place on earth and it's this one. Staff is very helpful and nice and the museum is organized so that you can follow the artistic process and changes through his life from the first to the last floor.
This park is massive. About 47 acres of green, plants, little nice ponds, geese stumbling and bicycles, bicycles everywhere. So I definitely suggest to rent one too and explore this lung in the city that definitely has some hidden spots full of life. Or if you just want to chill just lie on the grass by the pond, but careful chances are you'll get high by the passive smoke!
Hard Rock Cafe
This hard rock is located in a perfect place. It has a bar outside with chairs and big umbrellas to sip on a beer while enjoying the sun. It's in the fancy shopping area too and the food is oh so delicious!
Leidseplein Square
Well if Dam square was full of life, this place is on another level. It's crowded with young people from all over the world ready to lit up their night. Some of the most famous coffee shops are here. Locals do know how to have a fun night and they like to show you here.
Pulitzer Amsterdam
In this fancy place you can sit for your brunch served from 7am to 11am. Take it easy, the day is going to be long so charge your batteries as much as you can. Plus this hotel is just in between two of the most beautiful bridges.
Just outside the museum you'll find a little heaven on earth. It's a small park with a few benches in the sun. There are flowers, statues and fountains where children play during summer. Grab a popsicle (or a glass of wine) sit in the sun and appreciate life. This place is a jewel.
Heineken Experience
Heineken is one of the most known beer in Europe and all over the world. And here is the place of birth of this nice drink that help us to cool down the hot summer days and lit up the nights. The Heineken experience lets you know all the history and the making behind one simple beer. They give you gadgets and obviously a free beer. I suggest to try the non alcoholic one, I know it's an interesting choice, but it's just surprising how it has the same identical taste.
Boat Tour
Enjoy the sunset on this boat that takes you around in the canals, you'll get a little Venice feeling. Locals actually enjoy to grab a few drinks and chips, a speaker loud enough and they hang out on these boats while flowing under the bridges. Beautiful to watch and beautiful to experience.
Restaurant Blauw Amsterdam
This restaurant offers a quite atmosphere, a little narrow road will take you here. There's place inside and there is also little outside spot kind of romantic. Plus the food is known to be good and the staff is very nice.
Red Light District Tours
This neighborhood is... very different. As you may have understood Amsterdam is known as one of the most liberal city in Europe, indeed prostitution and cannabis are here legal. So yeah, they do know how to have fun for sure. In this district prostitutes dance by the window bewitching EVERYONE passing by, literally everyone. Ps: Remind yourself not to take pictures, it's not very respectful as it is their job.
Lunchroom amarilles
This little café is the perfect place to start off your day near the beautiful and moving flower market :D
Flower Market
This place comes out of a fairy tale. It's a floating market on the canal that sells mostly flowers, tulips in particular. Tulips were very famous and requested in Amsterdam and in ancient times people were ready to pay hundreds of dollars for just one flower. Today you can buy a bulb for few euros and have the most original souvenir from Amsterdam. Also along this canal there are a lot of cheese shops that offer free tries, don't be shy and try that deliciousness that only Dutch people can offer.
Frens Haringhandel
This is one of the best options you can find near this very touristy place. The prices aren't too bad, the food is typical and therefore very tasty. Just a have a try and your palate will thank you. A typical Dutch plate is Nieuwe Haring: it consist of raw fish served with onions. They serve it mostly during May and July.
Royal Palace of Amsterdam
People actually live in this palace, to be clearer, Royals actually live in this palace. But you can still visit their home. It usually host gala dinners and big ceremonies. There are incredible halls and rooms that will make you want to be a royal even more. Yeah because let's be honest.. who wouldn't love to be a royal?
Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
This was the first Madame Tussaud in the European mainland. If you have ever been to a wax museum you know that they are definitely a fun experience especially if you have someone to take silly pictures with. There are wax figures of people from the history as well as well known today celebrities.
Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx
These are said to be the best potatoes in Amsterdam. The debate about it it's rough as The Netherlands in general offers a great selection of potatoes they are known for, and for us common tourists, sometimes it can be hard to spot a difference. So better trust a trained palate and go for a try at this place.
The sugar factory
This is one of Amsterdam most famous club. It hosts the most known Djs from around the world, and there's always a party going on pretty much every day of the week. If you feel in your party beast mode this is the best place to be to dance til the light of dawn.
Albert Cuyp Market
It may be a little further from the city centre but it's worth the walk, or the train ride. This Market started in ancient times when it wasn't really a market but more like a bunch of people offering deals being very, very loud. So loud that the the government decided to create an actual market. It sells everything, from everywhere. Really this place offers the best deals. Let's keep it on the hush but if you're really looking for tasty cheese, don't go in the touristy spots come here instead. Farmers will sell you their best cheeses and they are very nice they'll probably offer you any taste you ask. Also in this place you can taste stroopwaffles. A typical sweet from here that basically consist of a waffle biscuit dipped in chocolate or caramel. Perfect breakfast. The only con is that wherever you're going next you'll need a train ride because as already said, it's a little bit far.
The Bulldog Palace
You've probably seen this logo everywhere in Amsterdam, but really more like everywhere in the world. This is the coffee shop of all the coffee shops, and at the end of your trip you need to catch on the hype of trying legal cannabis that they'll try to sell you in every shape and form.
EYE Film Instituut Nederland
To go to this place, you have to really want to go to this specific place. Let me be clearer: the thing is that on this side of Amsterdam there isn't much but this place. You'll need to catch a ferry from the station BUT, you will want to and you know why? Because here it's the highest swing in Europe. Can you imagine swinging from this height all over Amsterdam and more like all over Europe? It's one of the best feeling ever. Plus the museum is also worth the visit.
Abandoned Submarine
This is very random. Very random. But it's an instagram shot you won't get elsewhere. So basically on the ferry to Pllek beach there is a literal submarine half sinked that gives you shivers just passing by. It's incredible to think there's people actually willing to get on there to do some graffiti. I absolutely recommend it.
The ferry is very quick even though it may seem far. And it'll get you on this hipsterish Cali-like beach. You may be thinking do I really want to go on the other side of Amsterdam just to go to a beach? Let me give you some pros: first of all, this side of Amsterdam has some incredible atmospheres to catch, mostly because it's not crowded as the rest of the city. You won't a have a full experience If you didn't see this part. Second Pllek beach is a gem. The bar offers great food, there's music, people doing yoga, people playing cards, people just tanning. It's great. And the sunset from here pays all the effort (that really isn't that much).
If you didn't get to this side of Amsterdam you couldn't have ended your trip with this magnificent skyline. It will leave a smile on your face for the rest of the holiday :)
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