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Spending too much time planning a trip?

Get an ultimate insta(nt) itinerary, with a map in an app!

Around the world, local guides and other travel enthusiasts have figured out the best places to see & enjoy! Use their ultimate trip itineraries; and your travel-plan is done.

Traveling to foreign cities has never been so easy. Forget mediocre travel; great travel does not need to be super expensive either. You just need to know where to go, see, eat and do; with the best possible sequence already figured out. Be the hero, guide your travel-party. At the same time, help a local student or guide make a little pocket money too. For less than the price of an Uber ride, buy their ultimate travel adventure, learn their secrets and have yourself a fabulous time in foreign lands!

With Travaa itineraries, you can say goodbye to travel planning stress; and just get ready to Bon Voyage. Simply, make you own online bookings with your favourite accomodations/rentals, skip-the-line activities and GO! Discover the major sights, special places, restaurants and walking routes only local travel experts know about. Why bother trying to memorize a guide book "encyclopedia" or trying to cram-in all you read on the Internet and travel websites? This is the age of connected travellers and the location-app! Information about a place/restaurant should just appear when you need it - i.e. on location. Just like how a tour guide tells you about a place, only as you get there. Have itineraries for major cities/areas on a GPS-app in your phone; you will know exactly where to go next and when - a no brainer of a trip. Instead of worrying where to go next or having to forfeit/skip places, because you could not find them in the maze of old-town streets, relax and let the Travaa itinerary app guide you. No need to lug heavy guidebooks or paper around either. Travel around the world should be easy!

Want flexibility? Sure. Tweak these awesome ready made itineraries with your own unique interests and schedule. If you like, make PDF's or print-out hardcopies. Take these with you. Share your itineraries with the others travelling with you; and on their phones too - everyone will know where we are going and when. You travel at your own pace. Some people walk faster than others (i.e. Amazing Race style); some others enjoy longer coffee-breaks in foreign cafes. Travel itineraries are only a guide. You are the boss of your trip. Feel free to stick to the suggested timelines or not. These timelines are there only to provide you with a rough idea of what you can do, in an optimal sequence, based on the actual location.

We have created this itinerary marketplace where anyone from all over the world can share and trade their most awesome travel plans. They made a little money sharing their passions for a place; and you get to travel with a map of the best experiences of a foreign place/culture/language, for a relatively tiny price. A price which more than makes up for itself; just from the tens-of-hours you would have saved - in front of the Internet/books researching places to visit, pinning them on a map and then ordering them so that you are not walking back-and-forth. Without travel planning holding your back, you can visit more places given limited time, focus on your actual experience, being with loved ones and (if you like) meeting new people.

Buy an Itinerary

Click/tap to buy an exciting itinerary. (If you find that it is not suitable for you. Send us an email within 7-days and get a full credit refund.) This itinerary shows up on your Travaa web page and phone app. Customize it however you like. Go and have yourself an awesome adventure!

Sell an Itinerary

Have you created one or more of the very best or niche itineraries? Set up a seller account*. Click publish and list your trip on the Travaa marketplace. You are now a Director of your own app-tours for around the world. Help others enjoy a grandest and most unforgetable time away from home!

To set up a seller account, send us a message via this contact form with your email address. Payouts via Stripe are fully automatic, 10 days after each copy of your itinerary is bought. We now do payouts to PayPal accounts too. This is a manual process, and can take up to 30 days complete.

Happy travels!

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* Seller accounts: are currently supported by Stripe (online payments) and Travaa for bank accounts located in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. If your bank account is not in a country listed above, please include email details of your receiving PayPal account.