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16th November 2018

Spending too much time mulling over seemingly endless online travel reviews/websites or a thousand-pages guidebook? Are you a busy person whose time is better spent doing something else?

Save time. Get a best-of-destination travel itinerary. 

Around the world, local guides and other travel enthusiasts have figured out the best places to see & enjoy in their city/area of expertise.

Forget mediocre travel. Instantly know where to go, eat local foods and be inspired. The optimal safe route has been plotted for you. Be the hero and guide for your travel-party. For less than the price of an Uber ride, experience an ultimate travel adventure designed by a travel local/expert. Use their secret formula to have yourself a fabulous time in foreign lands!

With the Travaa location app loaded with your travel itinerary, see you destination adventure laid out for you like bread crumbs on a treasure map. Information about a place/monument/restaurant appears when you need it - when you arrive. A tour guide of sorts. 

You will know exactly where to go next and when. Instead of getting bogged down with having to figure out where to go next, or missing out on really cool places, you get to enjoy your time seeing, listening and experiencing all the key bits of your your travel destination. Deep in a maze of old-town streets; even better. No more wondering where lunch/dinner could be, or trying to decipher foreign signboards. Definitely skip the eateries targeting tourists with lousy re-heated food, blend tastes and inflated prices . No more walking back-and-forth between areas of interests because of poor sequencing. No more giving in to foreign scam artists who pretend to "help you" with directions, and then cornering you for payment. No more lugging heavy guidebooks around or unfolding maps at foreign street corners (signalling nearby tourist scammers to come check you out!). Walk about in confidence. Eat local, great tasting food. Experience the hidden gems. 

Our beautiful modern minimalist app combines leading edge location aware technology with an expert written itinerary to guide you along a truly special vacation for you/your-family/friends.

All itineraries are (further) customisable by you. If you like, make backup PDF's and print-out hardcopies. Share itineraries with the others travelling with you. Share it to their phones too - everyone will know where to go and when.

Travel at your own pace and conditions. Your Travaa itinerary is only a handy guide. You are the boss of your trip. Feel free to stick to the (suggested optimal) timeline and route, or not.

Buy an Itinerary

Get a pre-made itinerary from our itineraries marketplace (instantly!).  

Want to experience gluten-free fine-dining with wine pairing whilst taking in the sights on the Seine River on your Paris'ian honeymoon? Want an indulgence of Michelin dinning, charcoal grilled wagyu beef and the best local warm sak√© on a cold winter's trip through ancient Japan admist geisha, imposing temples and bamboo forests?  Want to be where the locals hangout and savour special delights, away from endless bus-loads of rowdy obvious tourists?

For an exceptional vacation, get an itinerary tailored to fit your specific travel style and niche interests, try our new customised itinerary service (available only for select locations).

Go have yourself an awesome adventure!

Sell an Itinerary

Have you created a very best or niche itinerary (e.g. for travel with young kids, solo-adventure, etc.), and want to share your hard-work and tips with others to help fund your future travels?  List your itinerary on the itinerary marketplace at your own set price. 

Contact us to set up a seller account. 

Are you a travel connoisseur? We are ever expanding our network of travel locals/experts, and would to love to hear from you!

With the Travaa itinerary platform (web-planner, phone-app, marketplace and itinerary service), you can be a Director of your own virtual tours from anywhere around the world!

Please contact us.

Happy travels & make travel awesome!