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Travaa International is a technology company registered in Wellington, the capital of scenic New Zealand. We provide beautiful, simple to use web and mobile apps which help travellers plan their trips, navigate new places and share their experiences. We believe that with each new travel experience, comes excitement, growth, inspiration, understanding and bonding which brings families, friends and communities closer together.

Team and Technology

At Travaa, we are a global team with members located around the world. We use the most modern technologies in our stack to provide our dear users with a reliable and a great performing service. The Travaa website, web app, marketplace and mobile apps operate on the best global technology services available today, including Google Cloud Services, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Linode LLC, Flickr, the Apple Store, Stripe payment services, and other providers.


Travaa was started by Chris Wong here in New Zealand. He loves the excitement of travel (who doesn't?!) and meeting new cultures. He has been travelling the world since an early age - with a backpack and free standby tickets (via his mother who worked for an international airline)! Since then, he has tried the odd occasional packaged tour. However, just like many of you, he feels that nothing quite beats the rush and flexibility of independent travel.

From years of planning and leading various overseas vacations for family and friends, Chris has found that planning awesome unforgettable trips (which his family and friends still talk and laugh about today) involves way too many hours and days of pre-trip research. He suspects that with the increasing number of online reviews and new websites of places to visit and activities to do, the amount of time spent on pre-trip research may also be increasing substantially. Such time spent on trip planning is demanding for busy execs and those with family commitments to juggle. Some form of travel curation is required, not just for places or activities, but curation of entire trips. When on travel location, other stressors exist. Wasted time moving inefficiently and trying to find one's way around whilst dealing with tired and/or hungry party members in a place which speaks a foreign language, can be quite challenging. Booking of flights, accommodations and activities online are already very straightforward these days, so, why can't planning and navigating the whole trip in a foreign place be just as straightforward? After all, don't we all go for vacations to relax, try stuff, be silly, enjoy and de-stress?

Travaa was started with the mission to take on these challenges. With new easy to use technologies and support from the global travel tribe, we aim to make stress-free independent travel a reality!


If you have any enquiries regarding the Travaa platform or products, you can reach us using this contact form or via email (info@travaa.com).

Travel an Awesome Adventure!