Sagrada Familia

This place is Barcelona's most popular and famous attraction and a testament to Antonio Gaudi's modernist style. It is most unlike any other church in the world. The texture and detail on the facades are intricate and incorporate forms seen in nature as much of Gaudi's work does. The inside is huge. It is estimated that it can hold 13,000 people. It was vaulted ceilings and columns designed to be reminiscent of trees. The church is still under construction, but the central nave, apse and crypt are open. Seeing the Sagrada Família at night with lights on is impressive — this is the time when you understand why people say that it is built of bones. An audioguide is recommended. You will get a much better appreciation of the Sagrada Família, but it does last for over 90 minutes. A trip to the towers costs extra but provides a different perspective to the church. There are two facades to choose from: Nativity facade and Passion facade. The Nativity facade was constructed between 1894 and 1930, and reflects Gaudi's style to the most. The Nativity facade is lower and faces to the east of Barcelona. The lift to the towers at the Passion facade goes up 85 m and offers you a panoramic view towards the centre of the city. The entries to the lifts are on the left of the doors of the respective facade (looking from inside). There are some lockers there where the visitors are asked to leave their oversized items. Children under 6, unaccompanied children under 16 and elderly people with reduced mobility cannot go up into the towers.
Barcelona, Spain