Phu Quoc

Phú Quốc (Vietnamese: [fǔ wək]) is the largest island in Vietnam. Phú Quốc and nearby islands, along with distant Thổ Chu Islands, is part of Kiên Giang Province and has a permanent population of approximately 103,000. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, the district of Phú Quốc includes the island proper and 21 smaller islets. Dương Đông town, is located on the west coast, and is also the administrative and largest town on the island. The other township is An Thoi on the southern tip of the island. The economy is centred on fishing, agriculture and a fast-growing tourism sector. Tourism plays an important role in the economy with the beaches being the main attraction. Many infrastructure projects have been carried out, including several five-star hotels and resorts. Phu Quoc International Airport is the hub connecting Phú Quốc with mainland Vietnam and other international destinations.
Phu Quoc, Vietnam