Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai (Arabic جبل موسَى Gebel Musa) is in the middle of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt and rises 2,285 metres above sea level. The mountains is a sacred site for Jews, Christians and Muslims. Mount Sinai is said to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God; indeed, the Arabic name Gebel Musa means "Mount of Moses". While there is very little archaeological evidence to support this assertion, the mountain is still a popular pilgrimage site and home to the world heritage listed Monastery of St. Catherine, a Greek Orthodox monastery founded in the 6th century, one of the longest-running monasteries in the world and itself at the supposed location of the Burning Bush. The small town of al-Minya, outside the entrance to the valley, has sprung up to cater to tourists. The mountain is also a holy site for Muslims, who consider this to be the place from where the prophet Muhammed started his journey to heaven on the winged horse Buraq.
South Sinai Governorate, Egypt