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Moscow, Russia

5 days
30th January 2019
On this 5 day Moscow itinerary you will see the iconic sights of the city around the Red Square. You will also explore some the finest museums in the city and lesser known attractions further out from the usual tourist track. In addition to Russian cuisine you will venture to a Georgian restaurant, an international market and more.
Moscow Free Tour
On this free tour you will see the sights in and around Moscow's iconic Red Square. As you walk past the most important buildings and learn about their history you will also gain interesting information about life in Russia and tips for the rest of your time in the city.
Varenychna №1
Surrounded by Soviet Union nostalgia you can try some local favorites. Make sure to order some dumplings, the restaurant's speciality and a common Russian dish.
State Historical Museum
Through artifacts from the ice age to more recent years, you will learn about the history of Russia. An audio guide may be helpful if you don't speak Russian and want to understand more about what you are seeing. The building and the rooms are just as impressive as what is showcased inside though.
While it may be a pricey place to shop, it is a beautiful mall to stroll around in. Make sure to try some of the ice cream from the numerous vendors. GUM is known to have a secret recipe from years ago.
Grand Cafe Dr. Jhivago
You can try some traditional Russian favorites in this upscale cafe that is set up to resemble the days of Soviet Russia. Some Russian foods you may want to order here include pickled vegetables, caviar, Olivier salad, Borsch or Buckwheat noodles.
Bolshoi Theatre
Enjoy an evening ballet or opera at the Bolshoi, one of the most opulent theaters in the world. When you combine the breathtaking theater with the beauty of the performance you are sure to have a memorable evening.
The Moscow Kremlin
Visit the Kremlin, the Russian President's home. There is so much to see within the Kremlin that it may be helpful to take a guided tour to make the most out of your experience. Some of the places to consider visiting within the Kremlin are the Armory Chamber, the Cathedral square, one of the cathedrals and The Patriach's Palace. There are many ticket options based on whether you are doing a tour or not and what you want to see.
Bosco Cafe
Not only does Bosco Cafe have the perfect view of the Red Square, it is one of only cafes right on the square with views of the Kremlin and St. Basil's Cathedral. As you take in the views you can enjoy your meal and possibly some cake! The cafe is another good place to try the traditional Russian Borscht soup. There are also Italian and other European options available.
St. Basil's Cathedral
St. Basil's Cathedral is probably the most well known image of Moscow. After spending some time admiring the onion shaped domes you can actually go inside of the cathedral by visiting the museum.
Zaryadye Park
After being surrounded by Russian history and architecture all day, take a break in nature. Walk around in Zaryadye Park, an urban park right behind St. Basil's Cathedral.
Arbat Street
From the park take a long walk along the water and head towards Arbat Street. Stroll along this pedestrian street and shop for some Russian keepsakes. Enjoy the street performers and marvel at the impressive Russian buildings.
The White Rabbit
For a fine dining experience that takes Russian classics and adds an innovative touch, try The White Rabbit. A bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme adds a unique feel. Located at the end of Arbat Street the restaurant offers 360 degree views of the city. Any foodie will be happy to know that The White Rabbit placed 15 in 2018's list of best restaurants.
Moscow Metro
Take the blue 3 metro line to the Partizanskaya stop. Not only is the metro the best form of transportation, it is also an experience in itself. As you visit different stations over the next couple of days enjoy the beautiful stations.
Izmailovsky Market
Izmailovsky Market is the perfect place to see some Russian architecture and cultural, while picking up some souvenirs. Take a visit to one of the speciality museums, such as the bread museum or the history of vodka museum. Also buy something to eat from one of the many vendors or in a cafe.
Take the pink 14 metro line from Izmaylovo Station to Botanichesky Sad. Transfer to the 6 orange line to VDNKh station.
Vdnkh is a Russian exhibition center that is full of Soviet cultural and architecture. You can spend your time strolling around outside in the many pavilions or visiting some of the museums and exhibitions. The museums cater to every interest from beekeeping to cinema. There are always other events going on as well, so make sure to to check online ahead of time.
Museum of Cosmonautics
When you are at Vdnkh, one place you want to be sure to visit is the museum of cosmonautics. If you have any interest in the space race you will be fascinated as you learn about it from the Russian perspective.
Head back towards the center with a stop for dinner first. Take the orange 6 line from VDNKh station to Tretyakovskaya station. Transfer to the green 2 line to Mayakovskaya station. Then walk ten minutes to Patara.
Did you know that Russians love to eat Georgian food? Your visit to Moscow won't be complete without trying some Georgian cuisine. Patara, a locally recommended restaurant, is a great place to try speciality and familiar Georgian foods such as chvishtari (fried cheese balls), khinkali (Georgian dumpling) and khachapuri (cheese filled bread).
Christ the Savior Cathedral
Christ the Savior Cathedral is one of the most opulent cathedrals in Russia. Inside the cathedral's museum learn about the history, the changes and rebuilding of the cathedral over the years.
The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts
In this huge art museum you can admire artwork from around the world. The museum hosts one of the largest collections of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art outside of France.
Eat lunch somewhere between the museum and the metro stop that will take you to Gorky Park. If you are in the mood for pizza, Pinzeria by Bontempi is nearby and known for having great pizza. For some Siberian cuisine go to Chemodan. There you will find boar, goose, reindeer and other meats and fish found in Siberia. If you want to stick to a more common form of beef, head to Voronezh, which is known for its burgers.
Take the red 1 Metro line from the Kropotkinskaya stop to the Park Kultury stop. Then walk across the Moskva River to Gorky Park.
Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure
You could spend all afternoon in the beautiful Gorky Park. There is something for everyone. From playgrounds, rides, boat rentals, restaurants, to outdoor games and movies, all ages will be entertained here!
Moscow sightseeing River Cruise
After a full morning and afternoon of walking, rest your legs on a relaxing river cruise. Take in the sights of the city from the water. You can hop on right from Gorky Park Pier.
Dinner in Gorky Park
After taking your river cruise, have something to eat at one of the many restaurants in Gorky Park. Try the Paella House stand for some Spanish fare. For a picturesque view of the Golitsyn pond eat at Swan Lake and enjoy some Thai cuisine. If you want to stick to the Russian classics eat at The Seasons, another restaurant in a picturesque setting.
Donskoy Monastery
You can visit this historic, yet still functioning monastery free of charge. The monastery is one of the longest surviving. You will find many relics from other churches and monasteries within the monastery walls.
Danilovsky Market
Walk over to Danilovsky Market and browse through the many colorful stands of fruits and vegetables. Have your pick of cuisine from the numerous international food stalls.
Take the gray 9 metro line from Tulskaya station to Polyanka station. Walk 10 minutes to the Tretyakov Gallery.
The State Tretyakov Gallery
The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the largest museums in Russia. It houses a huge collection of Russian art. You will see masterpieces from different Russian eras.
Take the 6 orange metro line from Tretyakovskaya station to Marksistskaya station. Then walk ten minutes to Bunker 42.
If you really want to experience what Soviet Russia was like, this museum is for you! Formerly used as an anti-nuclear Soviet Bunker, it is now an underground space that visitors can tour. After you visit the museum and take a tour continue your underground experience by having dinner beneath Moscow's street in the Bunker restaurant.
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